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Cree Summer Net Worth | Multitalented Voice Actress

It is a deep-rooted saying that old is gold. And this is true not just in your everyday routines but also in your various professions. It appears that the older you grow and work in a field, the more money you can earn and provide better services.

For example, Cree Summer is among the most famous actresses and singers in the U.S. If you are waiting to see about Cree Summer net worth, you will be surprised to know that, she has a net worth of $4 million. She has not looked back since she began working in the film industry in 1983. Every day is a new chance for her to illustrate her skills.

Let’s put a flash on Cree Summer’s net worth, career, and achievements!

Early Life of Cree Summer

Cree Summer was born in the United States on July 7, 1969, in Los Angeles, California. Her father was both an actor and a singer and it indicates that Summer’s love of acting and singing comes from her father.

Lili Clark was her mother, and she was from North Richmond, California. Rainbow Sun Franck was her younger brother who followed in his father’s footsteps and became an actor and musician as well.

They moved to British Columbia while she was younger, and she began attending Toronto Education at the age of nine.


Cree is not just an actor, but also a voice performer for video games and a singer. In 1983, she began her acting career. Betty in Inspector Gadget was her role. She had a distinctive style of voice that was well-known.

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Also, she was used to performing in animation projects. Since then, she has been doing voice creation in a variety of animations. The Care Bears Movie from 1985 and Ewoks from the same year are two of the programs she performed.

Aside from tv shows and movies, Cree has lent his voice to several video games, including Baldur’s Gate, Dark Alliance, and Black Alliance. Kid Icarus, the World of Witchcraft, Marvel Super Hero Squad, and many others are among the games she has performed.

Cree has experimented in the music world as well. She had been a member of a band when she was thirteen years old. In 1985, she composed the theme music for OWL TV.

Achievements and Cree Summer Net Worth

Cree Summer has achieved great things in her career. There is presently no record of the different prizes she has received in her profession.

Her commitment to her career has helped her to have her vocal used in a variety of projects. Her many activities have helped her to become a highly well-known actor and singer to enhance her earnings.

Cree Summer’s net worth is expected to be $5 million as of June 2022. Her acting job has provided her with a reliable income. She has a large number of supporters who voted for her and follow her on social networks. This way, they enhanced her career and popularity.


This blog post is all about Cree Summer’s Net Worth including her career and struggle in life. You can go through this post to know all about Cree Summer. 

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Her success as a voice actress and singer has brought her a lot of money. Also, her voice has been used in a variety of movies and gaming sectors which has provided her with an additional source of money.

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