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Dave Franco Net Worth 2022 – All about wealth, income and more!

David John Franco is a famous film director and actor around the world. He started his career in modest roles in movies. But his big break came when he was selected for a tv comedy show as a lead role. Dave Franco’s net worth will amaze you that is $7 million. 

He went on to star in movies like Fright Night, Now You See Me, and its sequel Now You See Me 2, Neighbors, Nerve, and The Disaster Artist since then. Featuring his wife Alison Brie, he debuted in 2020.

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Net Income of Dave Franco

Dave Franco is a well-known screenwriter, actor, and movie producer in the United States, with a net worth of $2 million. He is most recognized today for his parts in the films “21 Jump Street,” “Charlie St. Cloud,” “Fright Night,” and “Now You See Me.”

How was the Early Life of Dave Franco?

David John Franco was born in Palo Alto, California, on June 12, 1985. Betsy Lou and Douglas Eugene Franco are his parents. His father was the CEO of a Silicon Valley company and his mother was a poet, writer, and editor. He lived up in California with his two older brothers, Tom and James.

Franco planned to become a creative writing instructor when he enrolled at the University of Southern California. His passion for creative writing was influenced by his mother, who was a famous writer and poet.

Throughout his second year of school, his brother Jame’s director who was an actor pushed him to pursue a theatre class, and he became good at acting.

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The career of Dave Franco

  •   Franco began his profession in The CW drama series “7th Heaven” in 2006, and it was his first commercial movie. He continues to grow his profession with roles in series such as “Do Not Disturb” and “Young Justice,” as well as movies such as “Superbad” (2007), “After Sex” (2007), “The Shortcut” (2009), “Greenberg” (2010), “Charlie St. Cloud” (2010), and “The Broken Tower” (2010). (2011).
  •   He was also a regular cast member on the 2008 CW teen drama “Fortunate,”. It was terminated due to low viewership but received positive reviews for his work.
  •   Franco was hired in a leading role on the popular ABC sitcom “Scrubs” for the ninth season in 2009. He earned good feedback for his performance, but he was not able to stay in the part. The reason was, that it was the final episode of the series.
  •   On the other hand, his publicity from “Scrubs,” assisted him to earn a reputation and more possibilities. NextMovie.com named him one of the year’s “Main Stars to Watch For” in 2011. He played Mark in the scary comedy film “Fright Night”, which also featured Colin Farrell and Toni Collette. It was a massive success to let him make $201 million worldwide.


You can earn money through performances in major shows. But many stars have earned wealth from the sale of books, memoirs, fashion lines, and perfumes. The same story is of Dave Franco who is an actor having a net income of $7 million.

In this piece of writing, I have described Dave France’s net worth and real struggle story. You can get inspired by his story and learn more.

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