Ricky Gervais net worth

Ricky Gervais net worth – Rich Comedian

The life of a comedian is not more than a joke in front of the world. But would you believe that Ricky Gervais net worth is of $140 million? Yes, it is true!

Ricky Gervais is an English actor and successful stand-up comedian. He launched his stand-up profession in the late 1990s. Five international stand-up comedy concerts were among his achievements. He is also the creator of the Fl-animals line of comics.

Well, there is a lot more to discuss Ricky Gervais’s net worth and achievements. So, let’s discuss it in detail!

Early Life of Ricky Gervais:

Ricky Gervais along with his three siblings was born in Reading, the city of England, and educated in Newcastle. During World War II, his father moved from Canada to England.

His father worked as a laborer, while his mother educated him and his brothers at home. He used to give credit for his wit and humor to his mother.

He labored as a gardener at the University of Reading after high school before attending University College London. He wanted to specialize in biology but changed his views and majored in philosophy. With this education, he got a second-class honors degree.

He met Jane Fallon during his university years, and they have been together since 1982.

Ricky Gervais

The career of Ricky Gervais

Throughout his career, Gervais has been famous for a wide range of activities. Music, radio, stand-up comedy, TV, animations, chat shows, novels, and movies are all examples of this.

Success Timeline:


In 1983, Gervais and his college friend Bill Macrae formed the group Seona Dancing. This group was contracted to London Tracks. They both only issued two tracks, both of which failed to register in the United Kingdom.

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Before his popularity in the 1990s, he served as a director for the group. He experienced radio while at university and went to Xfm in 2011 for a radio program after the first series of The Office.

Office Setup

The Office was co-created by Gervais and his friend Stephen Merchant. The show was a hit in the United Kingdom, and it has been translated for American audiences.

The Ricky Gervais Show

In 2005, Gervais launched “The Ricky Gervais Show,” a video webcast that quickly was among the most famous uploads.

Recent Status

In recent years, he has appeared in several television shows and films, and he shows no sign of stopping down. So, Ricky Gervais’ net worth is now estimated to be about $140 million.

Ricky Gervais Net Worth?

Ricky Gervais has a net worth of $140 million and he is a British actor, entertainer, writer, and producer. A large number of his income came from his work as the producer of the tv program, The Office.

In 2001, the program debuted as a limited-run British program. It was turned into an American version in 2005, which ran for nine seasons and broadcast 201 scenes.

The American version of The Office is among the most profitable series in the broadcast industry. It has rights and fees of a total of billions of dollars. In this way, when a contract is continued or the program is transferred to a digital platform, Gervais gets to make millions of dollars.


I have described the detailed history of Ricky Gervais who is a successful comedian in the world. Ricky Gervais’s net worth describes that he is a successful comedian after a lot of failures in life which is $140 million.

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So, you can also get motivation by reading the brief success story of Ricky Gervais in this article. Before leaving, do share your feedback!

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